Amma unavagam

The subsidised food outlets — Amma Unavagam — set up by chief minister J Jayalalithaa across Tamil Nadu were a huge success, which is said to be one of the factors for her return to power in the recent Assembly elections. He is an Amma Canteen regular and claims his food bill has been slashed by about Rs2, every month; money that he now shares with his family in a village near Chengalpattu.

I opt for the curry leaf rice Karuvapellai Satham. The event holds two Guinness World Records: They also collected data on the canteens after visiting the facilities.

Calling her defacto chief minister is nonsense. The menu is uncomplicated: Jayalaithaa, also popularly known as Amma, had launched many popular schemes in the state: The scheme was extended in However, after she regained power, between andher state government corrected all the discrepancies of previous DMK regime such that the Central Electricity Authority in said the state is expected to have 11, million units of surplus power.

Considering its buoyant success, it was also later expanded to Government Stanley Medical College Hospital and the Institute of Child Health ICH Egmore for the benefit of patients and attendants coming to the hospital for treatment.

She gave orders to special task force headed by K. The fishermen also received an extra Rs 65 crore meant to cover gill nets and boats.

The latest that was added to the menu list was chappathis from February this year for dinner for which the Government had installed machines to produce it in large numbers.

Tamilnadu Amma Unavagam

The English version of the manifesto refers to such occupants as those offering to purchase such lands. With this scheme, Jayalalithaa provided the poor three meals a day under Rs.

Jayalalithaa was sworn in as the chief minister of Tamil Nadu for the third time on 16 Mayhaving been elected unanimously as the leader of the AIADMK party subsequent to those elections. She acted in six films with R. In Madhya Pradesh the numbers were The canteen is run by an all-women staff.

She won in Andipatti. The death of such charismatic politicians has always lead to violence across the state. Though December proves to be the black month for the state and ADMK party, December did not see the repeat of December 87 as far as state's tranquility is concerned.

Jayalalitha chose to respond to him by writing a letter, in which she mentioned that she was not struggling to make any comeback and that she turned down the offer from producer Balaji to star in Billa opposite Rajnikanth.

So in Odisha, the canteens will serve dalma, a traditional lentil dish with vegetables. She earlier filed an anticipatory bail in the trial court, which was rejected on 7 December Only after Sasikala promised to be not in touch with her family members, Jayalalitha allowed Sasikala back in her house and party.

The Amma Unavagam canteen is supported by the allocation from Chennai Corporation. Despite these machinations, she remained admired by the rank and file of the party. In Rajasthan, the Annapurna canteens list traditional fare like khichda, rice and dal on the menu. In Februarythe two factions of ADMK merged and they unanimously accepted Jayalalithaa as their leader and the "Two leaves" symbol of the party was restored.

He was everything to me. Noted for its ruthlessness to political opponents, many of whom were arrested in midnight raids, her government grew unpopular. Amma Unavagam (canteen) has unanimously been celebrated for successfully providing hearty meals at nominal rates, winning praise from the poor and daily labourers.

An idli at Rs.1, plate of curd rice at Rs.3 and sambar rice at Rs.5 – the prices have put a smile on many who can afford very little. Amma Unavagam (meaning "Mother Restaurant" in Tamil) is a food subsidization program run by the Government of Tamil Nadu in India.

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"Amma" means mother in Tamil but clearly here refers to Chief Minister Ms. J. Jayalalithaa, who introduced this restaurant concept aimed at helping the very poor. May 09,  · The Amma Unavagam (canteen) is supported by the allocation from Chennai Corporation.

The DMK wants to run the proposed Anna canteens with the support of HR & CE (Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department).

Amma Unavagam launched by Jayalalitha during her previous tenure () as a CM is one of the most appreciated and effective welfare scheme implemented by her and the model has also been. Promote your business every time you send an email. Get your own custom domain business email address, e.g.

[email protected], only $1 a month. The main objective of the study is to know the perception of the consumers towards “Amma unavagam” the budget canteens run at Vellore City by the Govt. of Tamilnadu, which is an innovative scheme introduced by the Honorable Chief minister of Tamilnadu michaelferrisjr.comlitha.

Amma unavagam
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Amma Unavagam at Thanjavur provides free food in memory of Jayalalithaa